My research interests

As well as my specialism in the Neolithic, my other interests are:

– The archaeology of railways and disused industrial spaces
– Clothing, spinning, weaving, dying, and fabrics in the archaeological record
– Folklore, local mythology, spirits of place, folk horror and local traditions
– Recreating foods from historical and archaeological sources


Poster for Hidden Heritage 2016, on mapping apple varieties and there associated folklore

I am also passionate about education outreach for archaeologists, currently working on resources and planning to enable easier routes into schools for all archaeologists.

I am on the EAA Public Archaeology Working Group, looking at ways archaeologists and the public engage.


I feel very strongly that archaeology as a discipline needs to be more inclusive and work harder to allow minorities to have their voices heard without discrimination, dismissal or derision. With that in mind, I am involved with the CIFA Equality and Diversity Group, currently working on issues around enabled and dis/abled archaeologists in the field, in academia, attending conferences. My recent paper for CAA Atlanta is based upon experiences of women in digital archaeology, which I hope caused discussion and action on the issues those who identify as women have when engaging with the profession.


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