Call for Papers: EAA 2017 Maastricht: “Stone is the Storyteller: The materiality of stone through time (and mind)?”

This call for papers is now closed – thank you for all of your submissions. We look forward to the conference in August, and hope to record the session so those that can’t be there can still see our series of papers. Links will be provided closer to the time.

At EAA’s meeting this year in Maastricht, we invite you to submit papers on the materiality of stone. Penelope Foreman (Bournemouth University), Katy Whitaker (Reading University) and Claudia Sciuto (Umea University) invite submissions from those both inside and outside archaeology to talk about the call of stone through time, and how it becomes entangled with human experience, shifting landscapes, cultural mores, beliefs, folklore and legend.

The abstract for the session is as follows:

Stone is the media of much of archaeology. It persists and survives where much of the other apparatus of life – cloth, food, bodies, stories and songs – decay and become lost. For this reason it forms not only a large part of the archaeological record, but also forms the props and settings of many of the stories archaeologists tell about the past. But should the stone tell other stories – how do archaeologists interpret and present the agency of the stones themselves?

We intend to broaden our enquiry, reaching beyond the confines of prehistory’s preoccupation with stone into historical periods and the present day. Our interests extend to the material agency of stone in contexts that could be characterised as the small, personal, and intimate, such as jewellery; and those that could be characterised as communal, public, and topographic, such as architecture. Your stone might be raw and not modified by processes such as carving, knapping, cutting – we are interested in the material agency of stone in all its forms.

This session will hear stories from stones, not just of prehistory but at all stages of their entanglement in human history. We invite contributions from archaeologists, geologists and geographers, architectural and art historians, artists, curators, and anyone working with, interpreting, and presenting stony materials. We are especially interested in trans-disciplinary, innovative, and creative approaches.

Presentations should be 15 minute papers, to be followed by time for discussion. We welcome non-traditional formats such as video presentations, artistic interpretations, and others – be creative! Please email us to discuss at,, and 

Submissions should be made at the EAA Website  using the login and password you used to register for the conference. Please note that the deadline is March 15th. We appreciate that not everyone is yet registered; we encourage anyone with enquiries to email us at the addresses above to discuss possible submissions if they wish to do so before committing to register.




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